The Opportunity
This is your market for referrals

Nearly EVERY Business
In EVERY Industry
In EVERY Country Of The World
Uses Printed Products

The Company
• Doug Sleeth founded PrinterShoppe, a wholesale Graphic Design & Printing company in 2005 selling wholesale to retailers across America who set up a PrinterShoppe profit center in the retailers existing store who then sold the products and services retail to their customers.
• We currently sell within the continental United States and when we Launch, will be able to immediately go International and do business in Canada! As we grow, we will quickly be going to other countries to set up with printing partners who can meet our criteria so we can conduct business within that country.
• We have solid printing partners who can meet our growth needs. Our primary printing partner currently has 7 locations across the United States, is opening Canada in January 2012 and Seattle also in 2012. We started with this company when they started with one location and have grown along with them.
• June 2011 Doug decided to sell wholesale direct to any business and started developing Viralprint, a sister company to PrinterShoppe.

Referral Marketing
• Viralprint IS NOT an “MLM” or “Network Marketing Business” by current definition.
• Viralprint is a Social or “Affiliate Referral Marketing” system or “ARM” for short. The MAIN difference is there is NO recruitment cost to join, NO ongoing fees or dues-EVER! And there is NO Direct selling! Because there are NO fees or cost, members do not have to quit, thus solving the stigma of many MLM companies loss of attrition of membership. Because “selling” is often something the majority do not like to do, with Viralprint all members have to do is refer others to save money on their printed products!
• Using “Social Referral Marketing” as a plan for expansion in developing a strong referral based program, Doug took the best parts of an MLM, To create a new business model.
• Unlike an MLM…Viralprint offers NO Fees to join and NO ongoing fees-EVER! NO Selling “just share a good thing” and help others save up to 70% on all their printed products over paying retail.
• Doug developed powerful referral program using a unilevel-style compensation plan that allows members to refer as many as they want (go wide as they want) to 5 levels deep.
• When members purchase printed products, they save up to 70% over retail. Any product purchases made by any referrals on 5 levels of a members team will automatically pay a referral commission to that member.

The Opportunity
• When members refer others to Viralprint and they join, they become the referring members referral for LIFE! Every time a referral makes a product purchase a percentage of that purchase is paid up 5-levels of referring members automatically! Any “team” of members developed is transferable, sellable and willable, so this could go on for generations! Think about that! With no attrition of membership…how big could you develop your team!
• The 5-level amounts paid are: 1st level = 10%, 2nd level = 5%, 3rd level = 3%, 4th level = 2%, and 5th level = 1% .
• Viralprint uses the most common form of multi-level commission structures called a unilevel plan. This plan which pays to 5 levels deep allows members to personally refer as many referrals as they want or also called “as wide as they want.” It is proven that the chances to create large team of member referrals 5 levels deep are better the wider a member goes.
• PLUS…All members automatically will get their own FREE Landing Page with web link to share with potential referrals.
• PLUS…All members automatically will get their own FREE Back Office to track members, their team, sales and commissions as well as many other tools available.
Advantages Viralprint Has to be Successful
• As far as we know, Viralprint is the FIRST & ONLY collateral marketing printed products company in the world using a multi-level compensation plan.
• Viralprint is at the cutting edge of a NEW industry trend using the power of a duplication in a NO Cost environment to be a member. THIS is POWERFUL!
• Even MORE POWERFUL is that Viralprint has a very unique opportunity unlike nearly all other businesses in the world who are limited with their product or service to a small nitch market…Viralprint’s market includes nearly EVERY Business in EVERY Industry in EVERY Country of the world! THIS IS OUR MARKET! That is a RARE & POWERFUL position to be in!
• Members do not have to “sell” products to stay in the game…Just refer a good thing to help others and businesses save up to 70% over paying retail! Businesses already buy printed products…now they can save money and make money with Viralprint!
• Viralprint is NOT a new startup company, we have a proven 6 year track record of success.

VP Ace Member
Ace: “Excellent, first-rate, outstanding”
 10% of all First Level referrals product purchases
 5% of all Second Level referrals product purchases
 3% of all Third Level referrals product purchases
 2% of all Fourth Level referrals product purchases
 1% of all Fifth Level referrals product purchases

VP Champion Member
Champion: “One who has surpassed all rivals”
• 5 Levels Of Referral Commissions
• Reach 100+ Personal Referrals On 1st level
• Attain 5,000+ on Total 5 Level Team
• Bonus = Earn 2% Total Team Gross Product Purchases Monthly

VP Master Member
Master: “Having or showing the best skill or proficiency”
• 5 Levels Of Referral Commissions
• Reach 300+ Personal Referrals On 1st level
• Attain 3+ Champions On Total 5 Level Team
• Bonus = Earn 3% Total 5 Level Team Gross Product Purchases Monthly

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